About us

As Indian women, all of us are proud of our tradition and ethnicity. We want to stay true to it and carry it with us wherever we go. At Myra Store-The ladies clothing store, we understand that you want to portray your personality through your clothes. So, we have curated for you a plethora of beautiful designs so that you can flaunt your style wherever you go. Be it a wedding, party wear dress, Indian office wear, or even everyday wear, we have styles of designer women clothes for every occasion. You can comfortably rely on us for giving you the best of unique Indian fashion or best outfits for ladies.

At Myra Store, we particularly have expertise in hand block suits and hand-embroidered outfits. Our karigars make sure that every inch of your clothes is made with intricacy and care. We are glad to offer a varied range of best ladies outfits for each of our collections so that you can always choose from a large assortment. Through our collection at Myra Store -The ladies clothing store, you will be able to renew yourself the way you want to. You will be able to express your true self effortlessly. Our clothes breathe freshness and authenticity into your look, which gives you the confidence to carry your unique personality wherever you go. The designs of Myra Store have a beautiful mix of tradition and chic that aptly represent the Indian women of today.

What is the vision of our Founder?

Myra Store was started by Samreen, our founder, in the year 2018. The vision of our founder regarding the brand was to celebrate the feminine feel of being an Indian woman. The pride that an Indian woman feels in representing Indian culture shines through our clothes. We want our customers to celebrate themselves with brimming confidence in the clothes that they wear. Myra envisions to stay at the intersection of Indian culture and feminines and celebrate it.

What is the mission of brand MyraStore?

The mission of the brand, Myra Store, is to make sure that every woman feels one with Indian tradition and with her own self when they wear clothes from our brand. So, we keep Indian culture and feminines at the core of all our designs. We aim to highlight the spirit of womanhood and the uniqueness of every woman. We, thus, have a collection that suits various personalities, styles, moods and needs.

Our founder, Samreen believes that Myra store has been able to make a mark in the fashion space and strike a chord with our customers because of the overwhelming response from the customers themselves. This response humbles us and encourages all of us at Myra Store to out-do ourselves every day. All those associated with the brand Myra Store are fiercely passionate about fashion. We want to extend this love and passion of ours to you through all our collections.

What is the specialty of Myra?

The specialty of Myra lies in its hand blocking and hand embroidery. Our karigars specialize in these skills and produce splendid designs that will leave you in awe. They spend a lot of time and an immense amount of effort to make each piece of clothing with the utmost precision. We are extremely proud of each of our designers and karigars for the exquisite clothes that they bring to life, through our brand Myra.

  • The hand blocking technique involves carving a block of stone with a detailed design and then dipping it in dye or ink to use for painting on clothes. This technique opens up opportunities to whip up very unique and intricate designs which are then printed on different clothes. The one of its own kind patterns makes all the difference in bringing out the authenticity and beauty of an outfit. The colors of the printed block and the base material are also chosen carefully to produce soothing and eye-catching combinations that amplify the gorgeousness of the look.
  • The hand embroidery technique, on the other hand, involves exquisite needlework that produces splendid designs which enhance the loveliness of our clothing collections. The different designs are first drawn with accuracy, and then the needlework is done by our extremely skilled karigars. We are very proud of every designer and karigar working for Myra Store. We stand to honour their Indian skills and urge all our customers to stand by them too. We must remember that they are the ones who are the backbone in helping us carry forward our rich culture and traditions.

What more does Myra store offer to its customers?

Myra store does not stop at providing you with attractive and beautiful clothing but also help you in completing your entire look through our collection of accessories. We want to create a one-stop-shop so that you find all your needs to dress up like you want to at Myra store. We also help you understand the latest trends that are doing the rounds in the Indian fashion space. Our collections are always updated to these trends so that you can always satisfy your fashionable desires at our online store, Myra store.

At the same time, we also want to ensure a seamless shopping experience for all our customers. So, we ensure that we deliver that all your orders reach you within 7-10 days of placing the order with us. We also provide free shipping for all orders above Rs. 5000. If you have any questions or issues regarding any aspect of ordering or the received orders, please feel free to contact us at support@myrastore.in . We assure you that we will provide you with all assistance possible to make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase. After all, we immensely value all our customers and keep them at the center of all our actions as a brand at Myra.

Choose our online store www.myrastore.in to revel in and celebrate the feminine feel that Myra offers through its unique and stylish Indian outfits.