Customer Service

Why choose us?

The brand Myra stands for feminineness and celebrates Indian culture. We strive to keep our customers satisfied through the unique collections that we bring to them and by providing them with a seamless shopping experience with us. The Indian fashion space is indeed competitive and fairly crowded too. The brand, Myra, makes a difference by creating outfits that lie at the intersection of Indianness and chic. This combination is difficult to find and create too.

However, we have realised that this unique combination represents the woman of today and the way they want to carry themselves. So, we put in every effort to create outfits that will complement and celebrate women the way they want to.

More reasons to choose us!

  • The brand Myra is particularly known for its hand-blocking collections and hand-embroidered outfits.
  • The most skilled karigars and exemplary designers breathe life into these collections and have made our brand stand out in a crowded space. We are very proud of each and every one of them and honour and encourage their talent and skills.
  • Everyone associated with the brand, Myra is extremely passionate about their work and harbour a lot of love for Indian fashion. So, we continually update ourselves and bring to you a collection that you will definitely love and appreciate as well.
  • Our customers have always been a source of immense inspiration towards building the brand, Myra. We are eternally grateful to you for showing us so much love and encouragement to keep us going. To show our gratitude, we keep our customers at the center of all activities at Myra.

Right from designing outfits to delivering your orders, we put in all efforts to make sure that you have a smooth and satisfying experience with us. You will surely see through all our efforts when you choose to shop with us at Myra.